Mon 26 Oct 2015 16:00 - 16:10 at Ellwood 1 - Session 4 Chair(s): Eli Tilevich

Computer Science has traditionally stood apart from other disciplines – you don’t see the use of real programming techniques much outside of CS or closely related fields. We are currently exploring a new way to integrate computing into an introductory general education music class. This class explores basic topics in music: notes, scales, chords, progressions, harmony, compositional frameworks, and other topics directly related to music but uses a full programming language as a way for students to express musical ideas concretely. Students create musical structures which are expressed as code rather than traditional music notation. By using code, students can explore much more complex musical ideas than would be possible using traditional music notation. Our course uses a simplified version of the Euterpea library developed at Yale. Programs are written in a subset of Haskell by students with no prior experience in music or computing. Functional abstraction is the only programming tool needed – these functions allow students to express their musical compositions structurally. Within this context we are able to address a variety of musical concepts such as minimalism, chance music, transformational harmony, and rhythmic patterns. This course has attracted students who would not otherwise seek out computing or music. As part of the general education curriculum, it brings in students from throughout our student body. Once this course is complete we will be tracking its influence on students. This course is currently being co-taught by faculty from music and computer science. The material developed in this course could also be used at a K-12 level. We believe that the integration of computing into core courses within other disciplines, and especially within a general education curriculum, places basic concepts of computing in a meaningful context that will help students see that computing is an important part of many fields and that computer skills benefit students of any discipline.

Mon 26 Oct

15:30 - 17:00: SPLASH-E - Session 4 at Ellwood 1
Chair(s): Eli TilevichVirginia Tech
splash2015-splash-e15:30 - 15:40
Yadran EterovicPontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile, Jorge BozoUniversidad Católica del Norte, Chile
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splash2015-splash-e15:40 - 15:50
Vibha SazawalUniversity of Maryland
splash2015-splash-e15:50 - 16:00
María Clara GómezUniversidad de Medellín, Carlos ZapataUniversidad Nacional de Colombia, Yadran EterovicPontificia Universidad Catlica de Chile
splash2015-splash-e16:00 - 16:10
John PetersonWestern State Colorado University
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Day closing
Eli TilevichVirginia Tech