Tue 27 Oct 2015 11:00 - 11:30 at Ellwood 1 - Session 2 Chair(s): Dario Colazzo

We study the data transformation capabilities associated with schemas that are presented by directed multi-graphs and path equations. Unlike most approaches which treat graph-based schemas as abbreviations for relational schemas, we treat graph-based schemas as categories. A schema S is a finitely-presented category, and the collection of all S-instances forms a category, S–Inst. A functor F between schemas S and T, which can be generated from a visual mapping between graphs, induces three adjoint data migration functors, ΣF : S–Inst → T–Inst, ΠF : S–Inst → T–Inst, and ∆F : T–Inst → S–Inst. We present an algebraic query language FQL based on these functors, prove that FQL is closed under composition, prove that FQL can be implemented with the select-project-product-union relational algebra (SPCU) extended with a key-generation operation, and prove that SPCU can be implemented with FQL.

Tue 27 Oct
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10:30 - 12:00: DBPL - Session 2 at Ellwood 1
Chair(s): Dario Colazzo
dbpl201510:30 - 11:00
João Costa SecoNOVA LINCS -- Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Hugo LourençoOutSystems SA, Paulo FerreiraOutSystems SA
dbpl201511:00 - 11:30
dbpl201511:30 - 12:00
Fernando Tarin MoralesThe University of Tokyo / National Institute of Informatics, Fuyuki IshikawaNational Institute of Informatics, Shinichi HonidenThe University of Tokyo / National Institute of Informatics