Tue 27 Oct 2015 11:40 - 12:00 at Brighton 4 - Session 2

In Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) metamodels play a key role since they underpin the specification of different kinds of modeling artifacts, and the development of a wide range of model management tools. Consequently, when a metamodel is changed it is necessary to deal with the induced coupled evolutions i.e., adapting all those artifacts that might have been affected by the operated metamodel changes. Over the last years, several approaches have been proposed to deal with the coupled evolution problem, especially to automate the management of those metamodel changes that can be solved without user intervention. Unfortunately, the treatment of changes that cannot be fully automated is still a time consuming and error-prone activity. In this paper we propose an approach that supports users during the adaptation steps that cannot be fully automated.~The approach has been implemented by extending the EMFMigrate language and by exploiting the \emph{user input} facility of the Epsilon Object Language.~The paper discusses the application of the approach to cope with the coupled evolution of metamodels and model-to-text transformations.

Supporting Users to Manage Breaking and Unresolvable Changes in Coupled Evolution (DSM15.pptx)6.20MiB