Mon 26 Oct 2015 10:35 - 10:55 at Edenburg - Session II Chair(s): Aharon Abadi, Lori Flynn, Jeff Gray

This paper presents the results of a formative study conducted to determine the effects of computation offloading in mobile applications by comparing app performance (chiefly energy consumption and response time). The study examined two general execution scenarios: (1) computation is performed locally on mobile, and (2) when it is offloaded entirely to the cloud. The study also carefully considered the underlying network characteristics as an important factor affecting the performance. More specifically, we refactored 2 mobile applications to offload their computationally intensive functionality to execute in the cloud. We then profiled these apps under different network conditions, and carefully measured app performance in each case. The results were not as conclusive as we had expected. On fast networks, offloading is almost always beneficial. However, on slower networks, the offloading cost-benefit analysis is not as clear cut. The characteristics of the data transferred between the mobile device and the cloud may be a deciding factor in determining whether offloading a computation would improve performance.

Mon 26 Oct
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10:30 - 12:00: MobileDeLi - Session II at Edenburg
Chair(s): Aharon AbadiIBM Research, Lori FlynnCERT, Jeff GrayUniversity of Alabama, USA
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Arvind HudliMSRIT, Shrinidhi HudliUCLA, Raghu HudliObjectOrb Technologies Pvt. Ltd
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Jonathan ProtzenkoMicrosoft Research
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