Fri 30 Oct 2015 14:37 - 15:00 at Grand Station 1 - 11. Programming Language Design Chair(s): Gary Leavens

The data structures under-pinning collection API (e.g. lists, sets, maps) in the standard libraries of programming languages are used intensively in many applications. The standard libraries of recent Java Virtual Machine languages, such as Clojure or Scala, contain scalable and well-performing immutable collection data structures that are implemented as Hash-Array Mapped Tries (HAMTs). HAMTs already feature efficient lookup, insert, and delete operations, however due to their tree-based nature their memory footprints and the runtime performance of iteration and equality checking lag behind array-based counterparts. This particularly prohibits their application in programs which process larger data sets. In this paper, we propose changes to the HAMT design that increase the overall performance of immutable sets and maps. The resulting general purpose design increases cache locality and features a canonical representation. It outperforms Scala’s and Clojure’s data structure implementations in terms of memory footprint and runtime efficiency of iteration (1.3–6.7x) and equality checking (3–25.4x).

Fri 30 Oct
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13:30 - 15:00: OOPSLA - 11. Programming Language Design at Grand Station 1
Chair(s): Gary Leavens University of Central Florida
oopsla201513:30 - 13:52
John WickersonImperial College London, Mark BattyUniversity of Cambridge, Bradford M. BeckmannAdvanced Micro Devices, Inc, Alastair DonaldsonImperial College London
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oopsla201513:52 - 14:15
Matthew HammerUniversity of Maryland, College Park, Joshua DunfieldUniversity of British Columbia, Canada, Kyle HeadleyUniversity of Maryland, College Park, Nicholas LabichUniversity of Maryland at College Park, USA, Jeffrey S. FosterUniversity of Maryland at College Park, USA, Michael HicksUniversity of Maryland at College Park, USA, David Van HornUniversity of Maryland at College Park, USA
oopsla201514:15 - 14:37
Tim FelgentreffHPI, Germany, Todd MillsteinUniversity of California at Los Angeles, USA, Alan BorningUniversity of Washington, USA, Robert HirschfeldHPI
oopsla201514:37 - 15:00
Michael SteindorferCWI, Netherlands, Jurgen VinjuCWI, Netherlands
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