Fri 30 Oct 2015 10:30 - 12:00 at Edenburg - Tutorial 8

SHIPSHAPE is an open-sourced platform for program analysis [1], inspired by Google’s success with integrating program analysis in our internal development process [2]. The goal of SHIPSHAPE is not to create yet-another framework for writing program analyses, but to build an ecosystem for program analysis tools across languages and types of analysis. SHIPSHAPE has two goals. First, SHIPSHAPE aims to allow analysis writers to focus on their analysis, not UI and tooling integrations. Analysis writers don’t need to worry about the latest developer tool or how their results are displayed, they just focus on the mechanics of their analysis. Second, SHIPSHAPE aims to recreate the fast feedback loop that made TRICORDER a success within Google [2]. By allowing developers to provide feedback, analysis writers can iterate quickly to improve their analysis. The grand vision of SHIPSHAPE is to have a single analysis platform for both researchers and practitioners. Researchers will be able to add new analyses and improve them quickly, without worrying about the latest tooling. Practitioners will be able try out state-of-the-art analysis tooling without the usual headaches of installing a research prototype. By improving the feedback loop between both groups, the community will see faster improvements to analysis tools that are practical for industry use."

Fri 30 Oct

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10:30 - 12:00
Tutorial 8Tutorials at Edenburg
Shipshape: An Open Program Analysis Platform
Ciera Jaspan Google, Emma Söderberg Google Inc., Jesper Oqvist Lund University
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